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  • Archive Old Threads
    to archive threads in your collaboration systems, you need to create a workflow.
  • Getting Started With Development
    Getting started as a WebGUI developer is as easy as you make it. WebGUI is a very large system with lots of "magic" in it. The magic parts of WebGUI can be a little tough to understand, but if you follow this guide and the chapters it points to, you shouldn't have too much trouble getting up to speed. This chapter should help you get a firm grasp of where and how to start becoming a WebGUI developer.
  • How to do Automatic Javascript Form Validation
    For those of you (like me) who are using WebGUI to help manage forms which _don't_ get processed by WebGUI - (like FormMail/BFormMail) - you may run into an IE problem with the new WebGUI. Formmail/BFormmail doesn't check the required fields until you submit your results - and that works fine - except that if you use the back button to go back to your form in IE - it will CLEAR all of the contents of that form. One way to fix this is to improve the form validation for non-webgui forms. I didn't know how to do this - so I taught myself enough javascript to get by, and I wrote a nice templated approach to this which I'm proud of, so thought I'd share it with you all. :) This javascript will flag any fields which are empty, unselected, unchecked, etc - and will highlight the fields and put a little image next to it of your choice - indicating that the field needs changing.
  • Summary of recent posts
    A summary of recent posts is probably a must have on the front page of community portals. Currently, there are multiple ways of realizing this in WebGUI. One way is by using the "Syndicated Content" asset which can display RSS feeds provided by collaboration systems. Another way is by querying the WebGUI database directly using an SQL report. The third way is to create a shortcut of the collaboration system and customize it. Way: SQL Report
  • The Import Node
    With the advent of the WebGUI asset system all wobjects and templates, among other things, are now assets. This change could present a problem for developers. What if the new wobject or template we created doesn't really have an obvious place to be attached in the asset tree? Most developers would attach it to the root. Since we don't know what anybody's site looks like that may use our wobject or template, this could clutter up the root very quickly and cause a potential slow down of the asset tree. Because of this issue, the Import Node was created. The import node gives us a place to attach new templates and wobjects we create without them directly being children of the root. As the import node itself is a child of the root all new assets we add in this way will be children of the import node instead. Because the import node is hidden from navigation and marked, system, we shouldn't have to worry about it showing up in different navigations or slowing down the asset tree.
  • troubleshooting modperl.error.log
    This is based on my experience today. Feel free to add more errors and what you did to fix them.
  • UI Levels
    WebGUI has a fairly unique concept of UI (User Interface) Levels. UI Levels are a mechanism to "dumb down" a user interface based upon the skill of the user. WebGUI administrators can set the UI Level for each user. It is the job of the developer to determine which UI Level should be applied to the various components of WebGUI plug-ins that they write.
  • URL Masking
    This is a bit more about Apache than WebGUI, but it is a useful topic any user of Apache. Masking URL's can save some work and are especially useful if you just need to show a single page under a separate domain. Say, for instance, you want to have the content from display the content located at
  • WebGUI releases and SVN revision numbers
  • WRE 0.7.2 on Ubuntu Server Edition 7.04 Feisty
    This is a guide to install the WRE version 0.7.2 on a clean system with Ubuntu Server Edition 7.04 (Feisty). 
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