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  • How To Add A User To A Group On Registration
    This workflow activity adds a user to a specified group.
  • How To Enable Other Template Engines
    If HTML::Template just doesn't cut it, WebGUI allows you to enable other template engines, like HTML::Template::Expr and Template Toolkit.
  • How to get passthruUrls to work
    This seems to be a popular question - so figured I'd add my answer to the Wiki.
  • How to get the most out of Snippets
    Snippets are probably one of the most useful assets in WebGUI, but you need to know how and where to use them.
  • How To Give WebGUI Your Own Style
    This is anything but a short article, so be ready for a long haul. We're going to cover a lot of ground on how to make WebGUI behave the way you want it to. This article is aimed at the same sort of person I was at the beginning of Jan, 2007: I've installed WebGUI. Now what the heck do I do with it? How do I make it look like I want it to look, and not how Plain Black wants it to look? As a result, the first few sections cover some terminology that more experienced people probably don't need. Instead, they want to head straight to Bringing It All Together, to show the actual process of creation and installation from beginning to end.
  • How To Install a WebGUI Site Theme
    There have been and will hopefully be more themes submitted for WebGUI.  A theme as far as this HowTo is concerned consists of one or more of the following items:
  • How to make a google Sitemap.xml
    Apparently - New in v7.6.2 (2008-11-04) Webgui has a special Content Handler that creates a sitemap.xml on the fly for you.
  • How to use Tabs on the DataForm
    The DataForm consists of two major objects: Fields and Tabs.  Tabs can contain Fields, or Fields can float free in the DataForm.  If you chose to use Tabs, they will not appear in the DataForm using the default DataForm template.  To see Tabs you must be using the Tab Form template for the DataForm.  But using the Tab Form Template will make any Fields free floating in the DataForm disappear.
  • Migration To WRE 0.8
    Verify that your backups are still working if you were using the that came with the previous wre, you may need to enable backups again. Also, I had to recreate the file /data/wre/etc/backup.exclude.
  • Scheduled Publishing
    To schedule publishing in WebGUI, create a version tag and make your new edits under this tag. Then, you'll want to create a workflow to commit this tag at a set time.
  • Subscriptions
    Subscriptions allow you to sell your users group access on a subscription basis. To sell content to your users, set the content to be viewable by a certain group, then set that group to be used by the subscription. When a subscription expires for a user, the user is expired from the subscription group. The expiration for a subscription group and a subscription should match.
  • User Login History
    There are two ways to find out when a user last logged in.
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