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  • How to Build the WRE on OpenBSD
    Here is a detailed log of what I did to build the WRE under OpenBSD 4.2. Install OpenBSD 4.2-RELEASE Add xbase42 to the sets installed, we need expat In 4.3-RELEASE expat will be part of base, this step is not required. After First Boot Login as "root" Add a normal user for yourself. Be sure to add this user to group 'wheel' Add a user called 'webgui'. Set shell 'nologin' Login Class 'daemon' Empty password Set the password so the user cannot login. Edit the sudoers file Uncomment the line to allow people in group 'wheel' to run all commands and set environment variables NOTE: We'll be adding the WRE's environment to our own login Set up your PKG_PATH Edit root's .profile to export PKG_PATH so we can use pkg_add(1) with the '-i' switch See for how to set up packages Install necessary packages pkg_add -i bash link /usr/local/bin/bash to /bin/bash pkg_add -i gmake pkg_add -i autoconf-2.61p1 Install wget so we can get files from the web Log out and log back in under your username (we'll refer to them as 'user' from now on) Build the WRE Make the /data directory Change the owner of /data to 'user' Get the WRE Download the WRE source to /data Extract the WRE source. It creates /data/wrebuild Update OpenSSL to 0.9.8g cd /data/wrebuild/source rm -rf openssl-0.9.7m wget tar zxphf openssl-0.9.8g.tar.gz rm openssl-0.9.8g.tar.gz cd .. perl -pi.bak -e's/openssl-0\.9\.7m/openssl-0.9.8g/' Build the WRE cd /data/wrebuild; ./ --all WRE is installed to /data/wre Fix permissions chown -R webgui /data/wre/var/logs chown -R webgui /data/wre/var/mysqldata/ Start the WRE and add a site Set up your environment For both users of the system: 'root' and 'user' Add this to .profile: . /data/wre/sbin/ Note the space between the . and the / Run the WRE Console for initial setup Source in the WRE environment. This will happen automatically next time we login (due to what we did above). . /data/wre/sbin/ Open web browser to where it tells you Update Perl Modules cd /data/WebGUI/sbin perl
  • WRE-Building
    If there is no precompiled binary of the WRE for your operating system you may have to build it from source. Luckily it shouldn't be too hard. These instructions will show you the way.
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