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  • Apache Configurations
    While developing a website, you may wish to hide it from Google and other bots. This can be challenging as spectre still needs to be able to access the site without going through authorization. Here's an example of a working config:
  • Apache2::Request on SuSE 11.3
    Getting Apache2::Request running on Suse 11 .
  • Customizing WRE Configuration
    The WRE comes preconfigured for the most common needs. However, the Apache configuration files can be customized to meet unusual requirements as well. Let's outline some of the possibilities below:
  • enabling mod_status
    server: debian, wre .084
  • How to get passthruUrls to work
    This seems to be a popular question - so figured I'd add my answer to the Wiki.
  • One WebGUI Multiple Sites
    Typically, each website has its own WebGUI database, but there are some instances where it is advantageous to have ONE webgui database to serve up all your domains. This means that additional sites will be added via the asset manager to your "master site", but accessed through a different domain or subdomain. Here's how:
  • Running separate instance of apache with WRE
    Let's define what we're going to accomplish.  This will all be done on a working instance of WebGUI using the WRE ( try it on a dev server first so you're not breaking your live site while you play ).  For this example I am using CentOS 5 with WRE 0.7.2 and WebGUI 7.3.22 already installed, up and running.  Here are our goals: 1. Install the apache, php, and php-mysql packages using yum. 2. Configure this instance of apache to listen on port 82. 3. Configure mod_proxy apache in the WRE to send all of the traffic for a new domain (vhost) to our OS based apache, transparently to the end-user.
  • Server won't upload big files
    There is a limit to the file uploads in WebGUI.  If you need to temporarily upload large files, it is recommended that you set the limit high enough, upload the file, then reset the limit. The limit is the TOTAL size of all the files you are uploading at one time. So if the limit is set to 10M, and you need to upload 11 files at 1 M each you will exceed the limit.
  • Table of Contents
    General WebGUI 
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