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I'm starting this wiki, because I can't find anything about mobile friendly websites using webgui.

It appears that 7.7.6 is the first that this new option appeared. But I know that 7.9.33 has it for sure.

There is a new setting under Settings -> UI-> called "Use Mobile Style" when you enable this by setting this to "yes", this will add two additional options under a page layout's display properties. "mobile style template" and "mobile template" (page layout template). 

When enabled, these alternate templates are used when the browser's user agent string matches the list set in the site's config file (/data/WebGUI/etc). By default in 7.7.33-stable, the supported mobileUserAgents are these:

"mobileUserAgents" : [
  "^WM5 PIE$",
  "Opera Mobi",
  "Opera Mini",
  "HP iPAQ",
  "Symbian ?OS",
  "Windows CE",
  "Opera Mini"

These templates only applies to the Style used by Assets.  However, since it's a different style, you can give it different macros and direct them to different pages for logging in, or other user functions.

For example, instead of a link to ?op=auth;method=init which uses the User Function Style, use the LoginBox macro and a custom template to build a more mobile friendly login page.

These links may be of interest: See: mobileUserAgents

Keywords: mobile

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