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Macros, List of Available

Making a macro available for use on your site is a two step process.

  1. The macro must be put in the Macros directory in the WebGUI source code: lib/WebGUI/Macros/.
  2. The macro must be enabled in your WebGUI.conf file, in the "macros" section. In that section, you can assign a shortcut that is different from the macro's name.
Adding the following to a WebGUI url can show you which macros are available on this WebGUI site:
  • ?op=viewHelp;hid=macros list;namespace=Macros

The next table shows which macros are installed with the webGUI core and which have been configured in the core WebGUI.conf file.

Macro Name Macro Enabled? Macro Shortcut Wiki can be nested?
a_account Yes ^a(); Account Macro Yes**
AdminBar Yes ^AdminBar(); Admin Bar Macro No
AdminText Yes ^AdminText(); Admin Text Macro Yes*
AdminToggle Yes ^AdminToggle(); Admin Toggle Macro Yes*
AdSpace Yes ^AdSpace(); Ad Space Macro No
AOIHits No  ^AOIHits(); Areas of Interest Hits Macro   
AOIRank No ^AOIRank(metadata property, [rank]); Areas of Interest Rank Macro Yes*
AssetProxy Yes ^AssetProxy(); Asset Proxy Macro No
At_username Yes ^@(); User Name Macro Yes*
c_companyName Yes ^c(); Company Name Macro Yes
CanEditText Yes ^CanEditText(); Can Edit Text Macro Yes*
Cart Item Count Macro Yes ^CartItemCount; Shopping Cart Macros Yes
D_date Yes ^D(); Date Macro Yes*
e_companyEmail Yes ^e(); Company Email Macro Yes*
EditableToggle Yes ^EditableToggle(); Editable Toggle Macro No
Env Yes ^Env(); Environment Variable Macro Yes*
Execute No ^Execute(); Execute Macro Yes*
Extras Yes ^Extras(); Extras Macro  
FetchMimeType No ^FetchMimeType; Fetch MIME Type Macro Yes
FileUrl Yes ^FileUrl(); File URL Macro Yes
FormParam No ^FormParam(); Form Parameter Macro Yes*
GroupAdd Yes ^GroupAdd(); Group Add Macro No
GroupDelete Yes ^GroupDelete(); Group Delete Macro No
GroupText Yes ^GroupText(); Group Text Macro Yes*
H_homeLink Yes ^H(); Home Link Macro Yes**
Hash_userId Yes ^#(); How to get currrent userId, User ID Macro Yes
Include No ^Include(); Include Macro Yes*
International Yes ^International(); International Macro Yes*
L_loginBox Yes ^L(); Login Box Macro No
LastModified Yes ^LastModified(); LastModified Macro Yes*
LoginToggle Yes ^LoginToggle(); Login Toggle Macro Yes*
Mini Cart Macro Yes ^MiniCart(); Shopping Cart Macros No
NewMail Unknown ^NewMail(); New Mail Macro Yes
Page Yes ^Page(); Page Macro Yes*
PageTitle Yes ^PageTitle(); Page Title Macro Yes*
PageUrl Yes ^PageUrl(); Page URL Macro Yes
Quote No  ^Quote(); Quote Macro Yes*
r_printable Yes ^r(); Make Page Printable Macro Yes**
Random number Unknown ^*(); Random Macro Yes
RandomAssetProxy Yes ^RandomAssetProxy(); Random Asset Proxy Macro No
RandomThread Yes ^RandomThread(); Random Thread Macro Yes*
RecentDiscussion Yes ^RecentDiscussion();    
RootTitle Yes ^RootTitle(); Root Title Macro Yes*
Slash_gatewayUrl Yes ^/(); Gateway URL Macro Yes
Spacer Yes ^Spacer(); Spacer Macro No
Splat_random No    Random Macro  Yes
SQL No ^SQL(); SQL Macro Yes*
StorageUrl Yes ^StorageUrl(storageId,[returnType],[filename]); StorageUrl Macro Yes
Thumbnail Yes ^Thumbnail(); Thumbnail Macro Yes
u_companyUrl Yes ^u(); Company URL Macro Yes
URLEncode No ^URLEncode(); URL Encode Macro Yes*
User Yes ^User(); User Macro Yes*
View Cart Yes ^ViewCart(); Shopping Cart Macros  

*This Macro may be nested inside other Macros if the text it returns does not contain commas or quotes.
**This Macro may only be nested inside other Macros if the linkonly option is used: ^H(linkonly);

Macro's which apparently are specific to Plain Black's installation of WebGUI, rather than "core" WebGUI are listed in the following table.  These are not available to hosted customers, but only on and

Macro Name Macro Enabled? Macro Shortcut Wiki can be nested?
Buy Yes ^Buy();    
BuyNow Yes ^BuyNow();    
Checkout Yes ^Checkout();    
CurrentDropMenu No      
CurrentTab No      
DBSchema Yes ^DBSchema();    
Featured Yes ^Featured();    
FlexMenu2Level No      
FlexMenuWithDiv No      
GooeyDate Yes ^GooeyDate();    
If No ^If(); If Macro  
ImageOr Yes ^ImageOr();    
PayPalButton No      
Product No (pre-7.5.11) ^Product(); Product Macro  
RegisteredUsers Yes ^RegisteredUsers();    
rootsubmenu No      
SubscribeNow Yes ^SubscribeNow();    
SubscriptionItem No (pre-7.5.11) ^SubscriptionItem(); Subscription Item Macro No
SubscriptionItemPurchaseUrl Yes ^SubscriptionItemPurchaseUrl(); Subscription Item Purchase URL Macro Yes
W3 Yes ^W3();    
WebGUIStatus Yes ^WebGUIStatus();    
WebGUIVersion Yes ^WebGUIVersion();    

More Macros are available in the bazaar.

Macro Name Macro Enabled? Macro Shortcut Wiki Bazaar can be nested?
addFormVars macro No     addFormVars macro  
Anniversaries Macro No     Anniversaries Macro, Birthdays Macro  
Avatar macro No     Avatar macro  
Browser Macro No ^Browser(version);   browser macro  
Case Macro No ^CaseMacro([string],[flag]);   Case Macro  
Charset Convert Macro No ^CharsetConv(string,charset_from, charset_to);   Charset Convert Macro  
checkRadio macro No     checkRadio macro  
DateTime Macro No     DateTime Macro  
Dynamic Button macro No     Dynamic Button macro  
FileManager Macro No     FileManager Macro  
FileUrlById macro No     FileUrlById macro  
Flash Macro No     Flash Macro, old Flash Macro  
FortuneCookie macro No ^FortuneCookie();   FortuneCookie macro  
GetUri No     GetUri  
Gravatar Macro No ^Gravatar();   Gravatar Macro  
HTML filter macro No     HTML filter macro  
HumanReadableFormat No ^HRF(byte-value, digits-after-decimal);   Human readable macro  
InShopCredit No ^InShopCredit InShopCredit macro
Karma No ^Karma(); Karma macro Karma macro, Karma macro2
LanguagePageSwitch No ^LanguagePageSwitch([language, pageTreeRootUrl]-pairs); Language Page Switch
LastModifiedBy macro No ^LastModifiedBy( 'By: ' );   LastModifiedBy macro  
LoginTemplate Macro No     LoginTemplate Macro  
mySubscriptions macro No     mySubscriptions macro  
Multi-value FormParam Macro No     Multi-value FormParam Macro  
NewOnSite Macro No     NewOnSite Macro  
pageLink macro No ^pageLink("23","My Photos");   pageLink macro  
Param Macro No     Param Macro  
Perl Macro No     Perl Macro  
PHP macro No     PHP macro  
PostById macro No     PostById macro  
Random Image Path No     Random Image Path  
RedirectGroup No ^RedirectGroup(Registered Users,/mypage, check_referer);   RedirectGroup  
RootUrl macro No ^RootUrl();   RootUrl macro  
PublicPage macro No ^PublicPage(This page is public);   PublicPage macro  
Smiley macro No ^Smiley;   Smiley macro  
Stock Quote Macro No     Stock Quote Macro  
Style Switcher No ^StockQuote(MSFT);   Style Switcher  
SQLExt Macro No     SQLExt Macro, SQLExt Macro v7-compatible  
ThumbLink Macro No ^ThumbLink(name[,popup,url]);   ThumbLink Macro  
Tree Menu Macro No     Tree Menu Macro, Page tree menu Macro  
TopDropMenu Macro No ^TopDropMenu;   TopDropMenu Macro  
Uploads No     Uploads macro  
User1 Macro No ^User1(fieldName,userId);   User1 Macro  
Video macro No ^WebVideo(;
  Google/Youtube video macro,
Flash movie macro


New Macros after WebGUI 7.5

Macro Name Macro Enabled? Macro Shortcut Wiki What does it do? can be nested?
UsersOnline Yes ^UsersOnline(); UsersOnline Macro This macro shows users, visitors and total number of visits of a certain periode of time. Unknown
Widget macro No ^Widget("URL-of-a-content-item"); Widget Macro This macro automagically makes something available for syndication.
More info on webGUI TV: syndication

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