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How to export an entire WebGUI site to HTML

Using Wget

I thought this might be handy for other WebGUI users as well:

We're using one WebGUI server for Content Management for content generation, and multiple remote static html servers.

On the remote webservers we get a full mirror of the WebGUI site every hour using the following command:

wget -p -r --html-extension -k

-p will fetch all page requisites (images, css, etc)
-r  is for recursively downloading all pages
--html-extension  will add .html to all pages. This is needed to avoid duplicate page /directory names ( /home and /home/contact).
-k will convert all urls

I know that there's a build-in export function in WebGUI and the script, but imho this works much better because wget is taking care of all the hard things (url rewriting / image downloading / etc).

WARNING: Wget v1.10  does not support downloading links in CSS files. There is a patch if you want to try compiling. This support is scheduled for release 1.12.

WebGUI Script

The script is located in the WebGUI/sbin directory. It will generate 1 asset at a time. It has support for generating assets with a different style and configured for a specified userId.

Export Link

Note: I have not tested this info.

If you set the exportPath in your conf file, you should be able to get an Export option when you click the icon in an asset's toolbar (with Admin On). Check out this discussion for more info.

The export function does not traverse the html of your site. So you will need to tarbal the /uploads and /extras directory separately.

It is also suggested that you keep your site style and it's supporting files in a special folder, and only export that directory.

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