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How To Add A User To A Group On Registration

  1. Create a group you want to add your users to. This group should have "Users can add themselves" enabled.
  2. Edit your WebGUI.conf file and add the WebGUI::Workflow::Activity::AddUserToGroup workflow activity to the WebGUI::User section of the workflowActivities section.
  3. Restart your Apache server to load the changed configuration.
  4. Log onto your site as Admin and go to the Admin Console.
  5. Select the Workflows icon.
  6. Select Add a New Workflow from the items on the right.
  7. For Object Type, select WebGUI::User.  Hit Save to continue.
  8. Give your new Workflow a brief title and a description.
  9. Set Enabled = Yes.  Singleton and Serial can both be no.
  10. From the little list of links on the bottom left, select Add User To Group.
  11. Hit Save.
  12. Go back to the Admin Console and select Settings.
  13. Select the User tab.
  14. Enable Anonymous Registration
  15. From the Run On Registration drop down, select your new Workflow.

This workflow activity adds a user to a specified group.

Group Choose a group to add this user to.

Expire Offset How long should the user remain a member of the group?

Title Put a name here that identifies what this activity is doing.

Description Put a long explanation here of what this activity is doing.

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5UMN_law: "Perfect! This is just what I was looking for. Many thanks to the creators and revisors of this page. "
5Codeman: "This is just what I needed.  All I had to do was edit the groups table to change the showInForms flag to "1" for the CS subscribe group I wanted to add users to."
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