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Asset Proxy Macro

^AssetProxy(Asset URL or Asset ID, [type]);
This macro is used to render an Asset and display it inline according to its template. Any Asset can be displayed, including Navigations, images, links to files for downloading or for snippets.

Specify either the asset url or the asset id. If no Asset with that URL or id can be found, an internationalized error message will be returned instead.

type Defaults to 'url'. But if you want to use an assetId as the first parameter, then this parameter must be 'assetId'. (with single quotes)

It can also be like a Shortcut Asset, displaying content from another part of the site on this page. Unlike a Shortcut, it cannot override any part of the original Asset.

This Macro may not be nested inside other Macros.

Keywords: macro

0knowmad: "You cannot embed urls with keyparams inside of an AssetProxy (e.g., /detail?recordid=jf6z5BfotLKx2Da_70KeXA). Use an HTTPProxy asset instead."
4knowmad: "Another approach, if you're trying to include content from the WebGUI site, is to create a shortcut and asset proxy the shortcut into the page or template. This worked nicely for proxying an SQLReport asset with a pre-defined search criteria into a page style."
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