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Apache2::Request on SuSE 12.2

Getting Apache2::Request running on Suse 12.2.

Steps to a working Apache2::Request are:

1. if installed, delete libapreq2
2. install mod_perl, mod_perl-development, apache2-development packages, perl embed dev (yast2)

3. Use cpan:  install Apache2::Request

4. cpan will end up with an error

5. move the libapreq2 from your (root/.cpan/build/libapreq2xxxx to /tmp

6. chown -R normaluser /tmp/libapreq2xxx

7. cd /tmp/libapreq2xxx

8. configure --with-apache2-apxs=/usr/sbin/apxs2

9  make

10. Tests only run in a normal userenvironment

su normaluser -

11. make test

12. exit (back to root)

12. make install

Keywords: Apache Installation

Keywords: Apache2 install

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