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WUC 2010: Scrum: A Tester's Perspective

Scrum is an agile project management approach that applies a time-boxed approach to software development to allow for changing business requirements, seizing new opportunities and tackling emerging problems.

This lecture gives a short introduction to Scrum, and then looks at Scrum from the perspective of testing and the personal experience of Mark. Every approach has its up and downsides, which will be addressed as well. 

At the end of the presentation there is time for an open discussion on applying Scrum on open source projects like WebGUI; think of topics like: is it useful, what to apply and what not, would it add value.

Mark Rotteveel is an experienced technical tester working for Pluton IT, The Netherlands. He is currently assigned to a scrum team at TomTom; this team develops and tests the backend services that TomTom uses to deliver new content to users, and allow users to share their own content.

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Date: 4/7/2011 11:32 am
Presenter: Mark Rotteveel
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