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YAPC::NA 2008 · By: tavis.parker

The 2008 YAPC::NA conference was held in Chicago this year at the Illinois Institute of Technology. It was a huge success and Plain Black/WebGUI were there to share in the fun. The president of Plain Black Corporation, JT Smith, was the presenter in 2 different sessions this year. The first was a 4 hour lab which walked new developers through installing WebGUI. The room was so packed that the staff had to get up, find chairs for incoming people, and then stand themselves! JT's second session was an hour long and talked about why WebGUI is a great framework to use when developing in Perl. This session had great attendance as well and included the great one, Larry Wall. After the presentation, Larry came over to JT and told him that he recently recommended WebGUI to a friend's church website. Because of this magic moment, we now can say that "WebGUI is Larry Wall approved!". Overall, YAPC:NA 2008 was a great success and Plain Black was proud to be a Bronze Sponsor at this year's event.


Leaving YAPC::NA (Illinois Institute of Technology's L-Train platform) and headed to downtown Chicago for some good eating! Gene and Georgetti's is an AMAZING restaurant with a great Ribeye steak. Well worth the commute.

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