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WebGUI License Plate Club · By: tavis.parker

So I'm leaving a restaurant after a nice dinner and I see a Jeep with a license plate of "WebGUI". I think to myself, who the heck does this guy think he is?

Then I realize that it's my Jeep, and that I have the coolest job on the planet because my job at Plain Black is to bring the good news about WebGUI to the masses. While you wouldn't think 'selling' (I use the term loosely) a free software package would be that difficult, but actually it is when you compete in a flooded CMS market of over 2000+ products! Just trying to get the word out above all the other noise is quite an accomplishment.

That's where the WebGUI License Plate Club comes into play! Whenever I'm running errands, offroading, running from cops, or whatever else.... I'm promoting WebGUI at the same time! This is a win-win situation folks and when you think of the cost involved in this marketing campaign, it's practically nothing. Heck, I think those license plates can last like 20 years nowadays.

Get your WebGUI license plate today from your Secretary of State and start spreading the good word about WebGUI. You'll be surprised how many people ask you... "what the crap is that on your license plate..." and that's... when you hit them between the eyes with your favorite CMS.

Good luck, and don't get in my way when I'm driving.  :)

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This vehicle is appropriately named the Plain Black Rescue Jeep. While it doesn't get the best gas mileage, (hey 16-18 isn't bad eh?), it is the trusty year-round steed for Tavisto (IRC) for which he is able to rescue potential customers from content management hell.

Actually I don't meet with customers all that much because I usually work out of my home office. However, if our potential customers were close, then the above would be true. hehe

So the point of this story is that you need to go to your Secretary of State, get a personalized license plate with "WebGUI" on it, and become the coolest person in your state.

Michigan is checked off the list. 49 more to go!


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