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Yung Han Khoe

User: kristi
Date: 7/9/2007 9:32 am
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Name: Yung Han Khoe
Age: 32
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Profession: Programmer


In what way(s) do you contribute to WebGUI or the WebGUI Community?
Bugfixing, speaking at the conferences. United Knowledge and others are also active in building a Dutch WebGUI community by organising conferences, workshops and drinks. We have also paid for some new features that will be added in 7.4.0.

When did you first hear of WebGUI?
In 2003 when we (United Knowledge) were choosing between using an existing cms or building one ourselves.

How and when did you get involved in WebGUI?

We wanted a cms that was written in Perl and preferably one that used mod_perl. The evaluation of available cms's that fitted those requirements quickly pointed to WebGUI. When I started using WebGUI I built a lot of custom wobjects and macros to add features that were not available in WebGUI. During the 6.x.x cycle that was our only option because we decided to skip 6 and go straight from 5 to 7. Forntunately that has changed in WebGUI 7. It has become a lot easier to get more involved in WebGUI development.

Are you paid to work on WebGUI?


How much time do you spend on WebGUI?
Almost all my work is related to WebGUI in one way or another. Hacking takes up between 4 and 20 hours.

What do you think is still missing from WebGUI or the WebGUI Community?
I would like to see more discussion about WebGUI. The dev list has been kind of quiet lately. I've heard the discussion has moved to irc, but I'm not a big fan of that.

What keeps you motivated to keep working on WebGUI?

I can't wait to see how WebGUI will grow in the coming years and to be a part of that.

What's WebGUI's killer feature and why?
The fact that it's a flexible application framework and a complete cms that works out of the box at the same time.

What's WebGUI's greatest weakness and why?
The versatility that is its strength is also its weakness.

What makes you work on WebGUI over the competition?
I've never worked on any competing applications. But I have never encountered a good reason to switch.

What's your most brilliant WebGUI hack?
Nothing I've added to WebGUI can be called brilliant. The most usefull thing will probably be the new version of the UserList Asset that I'm working on now.

Have you attended the WebGUI User's Conference?

I've attended every WebGUI Conference and I was a speaker at the last two conferences in Las Vegas and the European conference in Amsterdam.

Where do you keep your Gooey doll?
I have two of them in my living room, but I'm not sure exactly where. They like to move around.


How would you describe yourself?
I wouldn't.

Are you married, dating, or otherwise involved?


Do you have any kids?

Do you have any pets?


If someone visits your area, what's something they must see or do?

Try to get out of the center after you've seen the tourist highlights. Amsterdam is a great, but small city that can easily be discovered on foot or by public transport. If you're a WebGUI hacker and you're looking for a place to work, drop by United Knowledge in the center of Amsterdam.

What do you hate?
Insomnia. There are other things that I hate. But this is the worst because it makes me hate the other things I hate even more.

What do you love?
Dancing salsa, traveling, Islay whiskey, hacking, poker.

What's the last book you read?
The Polity Line by Neal Asher, a science fiction novel. I read about two or three novels a month, mostly science fiction and contemporary British and (Latin-)American fiction.

What's the last CD/MP3 you bought?
Across 110th street by The Spanish Harlem Orchestra. One of the best salsa cd's of the last couple of years.

What's the last movie you watched?
O Homem do Ano (the Man of the Year), a decent Brazilian movie.

You're stuck on a train/plane for 6 hours and bored out of your mind. What
do you do to amuse yourself?

Actually, I was writing part of this interview while I was on a plane. I usually read or try to sleep.




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