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Kristi McCombs

User: kristi
Date: 10/2/2008 12:36 pm
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Name: Kristi McCombs
Username: kristi/bopbop
Age: 31years young
Profession/Employer: Plain Black
Place of Residence: Janesville, WI

WebGUI Related Questions

In what way(s) do you contribute to WebGUI or the WebGUI Community?
I develop training and documentation materials for Plain Black and its clients. My projects include writing and compiling user guides, creating training videos, conducting onsite and online training, and creating documentation for various client custom applications. When I was hired at Plain Black a couple years ago there wasn't a position on staff devoted to documentation and training. While it has been, and is, a constant learning process, I have completed over 750 pages of written documentation so far, in addition to numerous training videos and documents for clients.

I am also involved in writing marketing copy for Plain Black and WebGUI, such as brochures, press releases and articles for publication in professional journals. From time to time I work with Tavis on WebGUI success stories and other writing projects related to marketing.

I frequently interact with members of the WebGUI community in the forums, and through private discussions. I am the community coordinator and from time to time field questions regarding ways new users can participate and contribute to the community. I also contact members of the community to be featured in People Behind WebGUI. I work on bug reports and bug testing and work with other staff on developing site material for both the Plain Black and WebGUI sites.
When did you first hear of WebGUI?
I first heard of WebGUI in 2001, shortly after it was first released. My husband was asked by JT to try it out and test its usability.

How and when did you get involved in WebGUI?
I was hired by Plain Black as a part timer in the summer of 2006, and began full time employment with them in October of 2006.

Are you paid to work on WebGUI?


How much time do you spend on WebGUI?

40 hours a week in some form or another.

What do you think is still missing from WebGUI or the WebGUI Community?
I think continued, and hopefully increased, community involvement is key. We seem to be headed in the right direction. Keep posting RFEs, keep posting and fixing bugs, keep publishing in the wiki, and keep discussing in the forums. I would like to see the community really make its own. It's on its way, certainly. In particular, I would like to see more non-technical users (content managers, designers) become more involved. More than once content managers and designers have commented to me that they went to the wiki to find a simple “how to” article, but felt like the wiki was geared more towards developers. Just because you're not a developer, doesn't mean you can't take over some wiki real estate. There are a ton of ways all members of the community can be involved, and I'd like to see some of you, who I know are doing good things, come out of the woodwork.

What keeps you motivated to keep working on WebGUI?
Well, I need a paycheck :) I enjoy Plain Black. It's a fun company to work for, and the staff is always an interesting group. As I get to know members of the community better I find myself appreciating them more and more. We have some amazingly talented and generous community members who are a ton of fun as well.

What's WebGUI's killer feature and why?
Well, the fact that I can use it. I have no technical background...zilch. Yet, I can create and manage content and perform all the administrative functions.

What's WebGUI's greatest weakness and why?
More people need to know about it. I think continued marketing efforts by Plain Black and continued evangelism by the community will take care of this.

What makes you work on WebGUI over the competition?

My boss says I have to.

What's your most brilliant WebGUI hack?
I don't “hack” per se. So, that leaves me with the amount of documentation completed so far.

Have you attended the WebGUI User's Conference?

I have attended three. 2006, 2007, 2008

Where do you keep your Gooey doll?
They've taken over the house. We have three in the toy box downstairs, one in the baby's room, two in the boys' room, one on my computer desk, and two in my bedroom (don't ask).

Personal Questions

How would you describe yourself?
I'm a conundrum. A little weird. A little goofy. A little nit-picky. A little shy. A little outgoing. A lot tired. A lot klutzy. A lot scatter brained.

Are you married, dating, or otherwise involved?

Married to the official WebGUI Roadie.

Do you have any kids?

I have two sons (ages 5 and 3) and one daughter (9 months). At the moment we also have an imaginary someone in the house named Mr. Bat, for whom I am constantly being ordered to “Watch out!”, lest I sit or step on him.

Do you have any pets?
I have one fish, one dog, and one cat.

If someone visits your area, what's something they must see or do?
Well, there isn't a whole lot going on in Janesville. If you must stay in town, go to one of the parks. We have a lot of good outdoor space. Otherwise, Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago are all under a two hour drive. If you've never had them, you need to eat fresh squeaky cheese curds.

What do you hate?

Unearned arrogance. Pointless cruelty.

What do you love?

My family and friends. Sneaking in to my kids' rooms at night for one last peek to see what positions they ended up in. Autumn. Sleeping. Coffee. Candy Corn.

What's the last book you read?
The Memory Keeper's Daughter.

What's the last CD/MP3 you bought?
Laurie Berkner

What's the last movie you watched?
Charlie Wilson's War

You're stuck on a train/plane for 6 hours and bored out of your mind, what do you do to amuse yourself?

Read, watch people, sleep. Try to ignore the fact that I'm being hurtled through the air at high speed.

Any last words?

JT for President.


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