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Gerald Young

User: JT
Date: 1/4/2006 4:27 pm
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Age: 34
Location: Bonita Springs, FL
Profession: Director of Information Technology
Favorite Color: blue


In what way(s) do you contribute to WebGUI or the WebGUI Community?
I'm one of the providers of free support on I've provided some documentation (POD) and help some with debug. And I run the unoffical WebGUI FAQ.

When did you first hear of WebGUI?
About a year ago ... around September 2004

How and when did you get involved in WebGUI?
I got involved with WebGUI by chance. Just liked the concept of the challenge of install and not the same thing as all the php CMS's.

Are you paid to work on WebGUI?
Sometimes. Mostly I provide free support on the boards. Once in a blue moon, some have decided that the information is valuable in monetary means.

How much time do you spend on WebGUI?
I spend a few hours a day between reading, reading the past information, and making changes here and there on my own site.

What do you think is still missing from WebGUI or the WebGUI Community?
I think that there is a general feeling that there isn't any good free support for WebGUI and that the free support options aren't responsive enough to the needs of the users. On one side, I understand the concerns, because it can be a pretty daunting task to install WebGUI the first time, and not being able to install means not being able to evaluate. This could potentially mean that someone might not decide to stay with WebGUI. I'm not certain that WebGUI is intended for people who want to install a CMS for the first time, especially for those who are generally unfamiliar with *nix. Nonetheless, the demo site is freely available and Plain Black does offer hosting...

What keeps you motivated to keep working on WebGUI?
The challenge. It's not for nothing that I choose to offer support. Every non-obvious question means that I can learn a new reason to use WebGUI, or how to install on a new Operating System. In short, it helps me be a better WebGUI user.

What's WebGUI's killer feature and why?
I have to say the Dashboard will be the killer feature. It's so easy to use and will probably be on every CMS wishlist.

What's WebGUI's greatest weakness and why?
The obvious answers are "hard to install" and the myriad changes to requirements. This is all to be a better CMS, but it appears to cause some distress on upgrades from older versions. I wonder if there might be some help for 5.x -> 7.x to skip over a lot of the intermittent upgrade hassles, but probably not.

What makes you work on WebGUI over the competition?
I think because I see that WebGUI is actively being developed I want to help in that.

What's your most brilliant WebGUI hack?
I think it must be the User1 macro. Its functionality is to be able to bring in other user's visible profile fields into things like Collab systems and other areas where multiple people work on something.

Have you attended the WebGUI User's Conference?
Yes. It was lots of fun.

Where do you keep your Gooey doll?
It's on an end table next to my couch.

Personal Stuff

How would you describe yourself?
I'm 34, 6'1", 235 lbs, blue eyes, dark blonde hair. Married, Christian, and have a very goofy sense of humor.

Are you married, dating, or otherwise involved?
I've been -- and currently am -- happily married for 7 years.

Do you have any kids?
I have one son, Trent, who'll be 2 in March

Do you have any pets?
No pets.

If someone visits your area, what's something they must see or do?
Visit Naples Pier. See the Florida Everblades hockey.

What do you hate?
I don't hate much, but I guess it'd be when my son is sick or crying.

What do you love?
I love my wife. I love my son. I love to work on problems and play games.

What's the last book you read?
Currently reading "Chronicles of Narnia". Last book I read was Kafka's "Metamorphosis" and J.M. Barrie's "Peter Pan"

What's the last CD/MP3 you bought?
I bought some Christmas albums, but probably most memorable might have been a House/Dance mix album.

What's the last movie you watched?
The Bourne Supremacy.

You're stuck on a train/plane for 6 hours and bored out of your mind, what do you do to amuse yourself?
Currently, I'll play SuDoKu or some PopCap games on my Palm.

Any last words?
Thank you, JT and Plain Black, for WebGUI.


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