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WebGUI Worldwide

WebGUI Worldwide(W3) is a network of sites providing WebGUI services, such as free support in a variety of languages, tutorials, and professional services such as hosting and development. 

The goals of WebGUI Worldwide are simple:

  • Provide free access to WebGUI resources in the native language of each community in the network.
  • Evangelize WebGUI throughout the world to make it the most used content management platform anywhere.
  • Ensure that technical knowledge of WebGUI is wide-spread and grows quickly.

WebGUI Worldwide Partners

Community members are welcome to submit additional sites not currently listed here. Simply click on the Post icon at the top of this page. Please include the site's title, a URL, a description of its WebGUI related content, and a screenshot.

Plain Black does not evaluate the quality of the non-Plain Black related sites and services; therefore, Plain Black cannot provide any endorsement of the sites or services listed here.


WebGUI Worldwide