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  • Add Products
    Create products to sell in your Shop by using the Product asset, located in the New Content menu.
  • Donation
    Many non-profit organizations can benefit from allowing people to make online donations. The Donation asset is an easy way for users to do so, and allows the organization to suggest a default donation amount, while still allowing the user to edit that amount.
  • Event Manager
    The Event Manager is useful for selling admission to a convention or similar event. The Event Manager allows you to sell badges to an event, create tickets for admission to individual events taking place at the main event, create ribbons to redeem at the event for discounts, and create tokens to use as currency at the event.
  • Flat DIscount Coupons
    The Flat Discount Coupon allows you to place a coupon on the page that users can add directly to their carts. You specify the amount of the discount, and whether the discount will be based on a percentage or flat monetary value. The Flat Discount Coupon asset will also let you specify a base amount that must be spent before the coupon can be applied.
  • Shelf
    If your Shop contains relatively few products, and if those products all relate to one another, it's fine to just add Product assets directly to a Page Layout. For larger Shops, you may want to categorize your Products. Shelf allows you to create a “shelf” in your shop to house Products that relate to one another. It is a container asset, so you will add a Shelf, and then fill it with Products to sell.
  • Subscriptions
    Subscriptions are a great way to offer products or services on your site that otherwise would be unavailable to the average user. Often, subscriptions are used to provide access to online support services that need to be purchased on a cyclical basis, for example every year.
  • Thingy and ThingyRecord
    Thingy is WebGUI's point and click application builder. It allows you to easily build complex data forms without any programming knowledge. Thingy's possibilities are endless, and this chapter will give some examples of how you might use it.
  • Writing SKUs
    This chapter shows how to write SKUs, subclasses of WebGUI::Asset::Sku, which are assets that tie into the WebGUI Shop. Creating your own SKUs provides your customers a custom shopping experience.
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