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  • Writing Payment Drivers
    Payment drivers are plugins to WebGUI Shop that accept payment for an order. They may tie in to a traditional credit card payment gateway, or an e-check service, or to a payment service like Pay PalĀ© or Google CheckoutĀ©, or even to a custom billing system. No matter what they connect to, the idea is the same: verify and accept payment for an order purchased through WebGUI Shop.
  • Writing Shipping Drivers
    Shipping drivers allow you to calculate and charge for shipping costs, and in some cases tie into third-party shipping providers such as UPS or FedEx.
  • Writing SKUs
    This chapter shows how to write SKUs, subclasses of WebGUI::Asset::Sku, which are assets that tie into the WebGUI Shop. Creating your own SKUs provides your customers a custom shopping experience.
  • Writing Tax Drivers
    Like payment and shipping drivers, tax drivers allow you to calculate the amount of tax to add to an order. WebGUI already comes with two tax drivers that will handle almost any need in the US and Europe, but since taxes can be even more confusing than payment and shipping, WebGUI allows you to write your own tax driver.
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