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WebGUI Shop allows users to view purchases made through the site. To see their purchases, users enter the Update Account Information screen. In the user account system there is a Shop tab.



Clicking on the “Shop” tab directs the user to a screen, Manage Purchases, displaying all the purchases that user has made on the site.



Down the left hand side of the screen, in the Order # column, are listed the order numbers for each purchase. The middle column, Amount, displays the total amount paid for each purchase. The column on the far right, Date, displays the date and time of purchase.


Clicking on an order number will direct the user to details about that purchase. This screen is similar to what Shop managers see when accessing an order through the Transactions screen.



The date, purchase amounts and other applicable charges are listed in the top left hand area of the screen. Near the middle is the payment address and shipping address this purchase was sent to, and at the very bottom of the screen is an itemized list of the item(s) purchased. Clicking on an item will direct the user to that item on the site. Users can also see the price of each item, the quantity of each item purchased, a separate shipping address for the item if one was used, the order status and its tracking number.

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