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WebGUI 7.x Shop Guide

The WebGUI Shop Guide walks you through setting up Shop on your WebGUI site from the points of view of both the content manager and developer. Setting up Shop through the Admin Console, creating Shop related assets by which to display products for sale, and customizing the inner-workings of Shop are covered in this wiki to help you create a shop you can call your own.


WebGUI Shop allows users to sell online merchandise, sell subscription services, and sell access to and manage events. Assets have been created to provide content managers increased flexibility in how products are displayed and managed. Shopkeepers can give shoppers in-store credit and provide coupons. Shop includes the assets Shelf, Product, Flat Discount Coupon, Subscription,Donation, ThingyRecord and a full Event Management System.


WebGUI Shop's API provides developers the ability to customize and add functionality to Shop with the same ease and flexibility to which WebGUI developers are accustomed. This wiki introduces what is possible through writing custom SKUs (an asset subclass) to provide users a dynamic shopping experience.



API (4)
Donation (2)
Event Management System (1)
Flat Discount Coupon (2)
Product (3)
SKU (8)
Shelf (2)
Subscription (0)
ThingyRecord (1)
cart (3)
payment driver (2)
shipping (2)

Featured Article: Table of Content

Welcome to Shop

Set Up Shop

Shop Settings


Generic Tax Driver

Switch Tax Drivers

European Union Tax Driver

Payment Methods


Credit Card

Account Settings


PayPal and PayPal Express

Shipping Methods

United States Postal Service

Flat Rate


Transaction Details


In-Shop Credit

Create Your Shop Front

Shop Macros




Set up Your Premises


Import and Export Products

Add Products

Add a Variant

Add a Feature

Add a Benefit

Add a Specification

Add an Accessory

Add a Related Product

Flat Discount Coupons



Create a Subscription Group

Create a Subscription

Subscription Codes

Manage Subscription Code Batches

Manage Subscription Codes

Redeem Subscription Code

Thingy and ThingyRecord


Add Things

Rearrange Fields in a Thing



Inventory Manager

Tracking Equipment


Advertising and Ad Sales

Creating Ad Spaces

Create Ads

Text Ads

Image Ads

Rich Media Ads

Viewing Ads

Ad Sales

Event Manager

Add a Badge

Create Tickets

Ticket Meta Fields

Import and Export Tickets

Badge Groups

Associate Badges and Tickets with a Badge Group

Create Ribbons

Associate Ribbons with Tickets

Create Tokens

Anatomy of a Badge

Manage Registrants

Look Up A Badge


Shopping Cart

My Purchases

Writing SKUs

API Highlights


Event Handlers

The Numbers

Display Helpers

SKUs as Products

Special Methods

Book Example

Recurring SKUs

Special Methods

Association Dues Example

SKUs as Coupons

Special Methods

Member Discount Example

Writing Payment Drivers

API Highlights

The Master Classes

PayDriver Basics

Recurring Methods

Karma Payment Example

Writing Shipping Drivers

API Highlights

The Master Classes

The Basics

Free Shipping on Big Orders Example

Writing Tax Drivers

API Highlights

The Master Classes

The Basics

A Simple Tax Driver Example

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