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Photo Galleries are made using WebGUI's Gallery asset. The Gallery asset is a media management system that takes the standard photo gallery to the next level. It provides thumbnails, albums, ratings, cross linking, tagging, and more for images.

To create a Gallery, you first add the Gallery asset, then create a number of albums within the asset to display photos. From the Gallery asset main screen, you can access any album that has been added to the Gallery by clicking on the album title or thumbnail. Photos can be uploaded to an album individually, or in bulk through a zip file.

Once in an album, three different "views" are offered in which to view album images: album, thumbnails, or sildeshow. You can also configure the sizes of each image you would like to make avaiable for download.

You can see examples of Galleries in action in the Gooey on the Go and WebGUI Sightings campaigns.

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