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Adding content to the Wiki

Anybody can add content to the Wiki. As a matter of fact we really encourage people to do so. Also if you find an error or want to update any content in the wiki just click the edit link and change the content of the wiki; after all, that is what wikis are for.

To add a new article, all you have to do is search for the exact title of the article you want to add. When the search is empty, you will be given an add page link. Click on it to add your new page.

Note that you can't edit the top level wiki landing pages that are listed on the home page. If you build out some  detailed sub-pages (e.g. pages describing a main feature like the matrix) then you should add them to the Table of Contents and you can request someone with authority to link from the homepage/landing page to the relevant heading in the Table of Contents.

After you create your page, go to the Table of Contents and edit it. In the appropriate section place the title of the page in verbatim (better use copy and paste) and a link to your newly added page will appear on the Table of Contents.

You needn't mark up the title; the wiki engine automagically identifies in article text the names of other articles and makes them into links.  The ramification of that is that you should try to avoid making your article titles too short, or they'll show up in the middle of articles where they really don't belong; session is an example of this.


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