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Diona Kidd

User: kristi
Date: 2/9/2010 3:07 pm
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The Essentials


Name: Diona Kidd

Username: dionak

Age: Younger than JT

Profession/Employer: Vice President / Knowmad Technologies

Place of Residence: Charlotte, NC

IRC nick: dionak


WebGUI Related Questions


In what way(s) do you contribute to WebGUI or the WebGUI Community?

Automated tests, contribute bug fixes, RFEs, bug reports, patches, attending and presenting at WebGUI User Conferences, IRC chatter and participating in the Template Working Group.


When did you first hear of WebGUI?

2004-ish. WebGUI has grown and improved a lot since then.

How and when did you get involved in WebGUI?

In 2006, I gained a business partner that was using WebGUI. We were both looking for a CMS that would help build the business. We attended our first WUC later the same year. The rest is history in the making.


Are you paid to work on WebGUI?


Yes, as projects permit and resource needs demand. Most of our projects are implemented in the WebGUI Framework.


How much time do you spend on WebGUI?


Hard to say. As much time as I can when not working on other parts of the business. Sometimes I also spend some of my “spare time” working on something WebGUI related.


What do you think is still missing from WebGUI or the WebGUI Community?


Marketing & design. I'm a big believer of both form & function. WebGUI has a lot of great functionality. While it still has room for growth in that area, it also has opportunity in relation to form and getting the message out about the platform.


What keeps you motivated to keep working on WebGUI?


Community, quality and opportunity are my main drivers in regards to WebGUI. The WebGUI community provides our team with unique collaboration opportunities. Our development team can speak directly with the developers working on the WebGUI framework, as well as see them annually at the WebGUI User Conference. In addition, there are many talented and helpful members of the community that willingly offer their expertise.


I feel confident that the framework has been designed, and is maintained, in such a way as to support the growth of our clients. In addition, the WebGUI project is managed in a very professional and stable manner.


What's WebGUI's killer feature and why?


The fact that it's a framework.

What's WebGUI's greatest weakness and why?


The lack of out-of-the-box designs.


What makes you work on WebGUI over the competition?

WebGUI does 80% of what we need well out-of-the-box and we're able to customize the remaining 20% to meet our client's needs. This is the intention of WebGUI so we are working with the project as it was intended rather than shoe-horning code in an unexpected manner. In addition, WebGUI is written in Perl and Open Source which is always a plus.

What's your most brilliant WebGUI hack?

My latest hack was creating a product database feature in a web site that used Thingy, a custom Product asset, URL handlers and content handlers. This enables our client to modify markets and applications for products in one place and have these values updated site-wide. It also supports the relation of multiple applications to a market, multiple applications and markets for each product and the relation of applications to other applications.


Have you attended the WebGUI User's Conference?

Yes, my first WUC was in Las Vegas in 2006. I've presented at the last two conferences.

Where do you keep your Gooey doll?


They seem to multiply and move around. I have some at the office and some at home.


Personal Questions


How would you describe yourself?


I am a motivated entrepreneur with a desire to always continue learning.


Are you married, dating, or otherwise involved?

In a committed relationship.


Do you have any kids?

No, I like to play with kids and enjoy the pleasure of giving them back to their parents.

Do you have any pets?

Yes, my cat's name is Baxter. He's an indoor/outdoor cat. Neighbors report seeing him chase deer and climb onto rooftops. It's like having a 6 year old with little supervision.

If someone visits your area, what's something they must see or do?


Go on a tour of local restaurants, take a trip up to the mountains or out to the beach or go for a bike ride at a local park.


What do you hate?

Mediocrity, micro-management.


What do you love?

Family, friends, opportunity, growth, spare time, technology that works easily, Panang curry.


What's the last book you read?

Eat, Love, Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert

What's the last CD/MP3 you bought (or downloaded)?

A mix that a DJ friend of mine put up for download.


What's the last movie you watched?

The Hangover. I wouldn't recommend it. The best movie I saw last year was Grand Torino.


You're stuck on a train/plane for 6 hours and bored out of your mind, what do you do to amuse yourself?

Cross-words, read books & magazines.


Any last words?

See you at the WUC!




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