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Sightings (Non Profit)

Park Cities Baptist Church
A large Baptist church with thousands of members in the heart of the Bible Belt in Dallas, Texas.  Compared to other churches in the area, PCBC leverages technology better than most, so it speaks well for WebGUI that they have selected it to manage the content of their site.
Third Christian Reformed Church of Kalamazoo
Third Christian Reformed Church (3rd CRC) contacted ParkerOne after being impressed with our work on the Kalamazoo Valley Family Church website. They needed a website that could be easily updated and one that would grow with their organization's changing needs. They needed a solution that would be flexible enough to be used in a variety of ministries and for the general congregation. ParkerOne developed a multi-site solution that is totally managed by the church staff.
St. Andrews Episcopal

Saint Andrews Episcopal Church is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The church uses WebGUI to power their website because they wanted visitors to be able to quickly find the information they needed and also make it easy for church staff to update the content on their website. Saint Andrews Episcopal Church worked with Knowmad Technologies to develop the website.

Klettern in MD

A community site for free climbers around Magdeburg / Germany. Visit us on

Pacific Comm. Resources

Pacific Community Resources is an award winning, accredited, not-for-profit society serving Lower Mainland communities since 1984.

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