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TechRepublic Blogger Praises WebGUI

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February 23, 2009 -
by Justin James

A while back, I was hunting for a really good, free CMS. The two best that I found were WebGUI and MODx CMS. At the time, WebGUI was a real headache to maintain on FreeBSD, so I went with MODx CMS, which was much less feature rich, but much easier to live with. Over time, Plain Black has continued to make updates to WebGUI. Looking at the feature list that it sports today, I sort of wish I had stuck with WebGUI. Even better than its feature list is the WRE (which has been around for a while), which removes the issues with installation and maintenance that I experienced. If you’re looking for a quality CMS that is easy for the end user to use once you pass the project control to them, WebGUI rocks. It is also a solid platform to build on. You will definitely want to check out version 7.6.

Note: The article has several unrelated news topics and you'll need to scroll down to see it on the TechRepublic website.

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