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EduComm 2009 · By: tavis.parker

Plain Black was a Silver Sponsor at the 2009 EduComm Conference in Orlando, Florida. EduComm is the premiere higher education technology conference that focuses on using technology to enhance the classroom. Kristi McCombs and Tavis Parker from Plain Black were on hand to run the exhibitor booth, run product demos, and hand out a few hundred Gooey dolls! Kristi was also a speaker and presented on "Open Source in Education". As always, Gooey won the coolest swag award and we ended up running out several hours before the conference ended. People cannot get enough of Gooey!

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The Plain Black booth was in a prime location and was in the main aisle and in the busiest intersection for the conference. This provided excellent visibility for our booth and presentation and we were kept very busy when people were not attending sessions.


Kristi and Tavis had large crowds that formed in between the main presentations. Many people had not heard about WebGUI before and so there was lots of interest from people hoping to benefit from a free and open source solution.


For this photo, the EduComm photographer actually had to lift the camera above his head and take a blind shot down at Kristi and the people around the Plain Black booth. Our booth design and large pile of Gooey dolls is very effective at drawing large crowds.


This is an example of what you would see if you attended a conference where Plain Black runs an exhibitor booth. Lots and lots of Gooey dolls! His color and genuine coolness always draws in the photographers and media folks and guarantees that Plain Black and WebGUI get some attention.

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