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gooey on the go

Use WebGUI or else...

My last minute contribution for the webgui ad campin contest. All the art work is taken from a picture of what is probably a movie poster of a movie called Octopus. I found the picture some time ago on the internet, but I don't know where anymore. 

The fonts used are freeware fonts, appropiately called bloody and zombie found on

Gooey Hostage
Gooey is being held hostage by my friend's cat.
Gooey sailing
Gooey was sailing with us on the lakes in Friesland, The Netherlands.
WebGUI Advertisement

I decided to write a simple one page advertisement describing the virtues of WebGUI.

I'm not a marketing person, but it's simple, catchy and explains what WebGUI is all about to the average joe.

This can then be distributed at tradeshows, conventions, offices, universities, etc. 

I've included a small snapshot of the document as a jpg, but if you want the full thing then use either the PDF or Word Document attached.


If my comment is useful, rate me - I can always use the karma! :)
Join us on the #webgui irc channel on freenode! (I use the nick Radix)

Gooey Snow Man
Here's my attempt to create a snowman that looks like Gooey. How'd I do?
Las Vegas (2006 WUC)
Road trip to Vegas for WUC.
Road trip to Vegas for WUC.
Road trip to Vegas for WUC.
Road trip to Vegas for WUC.
Road trip to Vegas for WUC.
Pony Express
Road trip to Vegas for WUC.
Road trip to Vegas for WUC.
Gooey Fawkes
Anybody from the UK and anybody who has seen the movie "V for Vendetta", knows who Guy Fawkes is. This is Gooey's tribute to the hero of the Gunpowder Plot.
These are the prototypes leading up to the Gooey plush doll.
Gooey in Minnesota.
Gooey sits atop a snow bank and thinks about the crops he will plant this spring in the rural Minnesota field in front of him.  "Kelp, I think I'll plant kelp this year."
Gooey takes the Stage
at Boom Chicago in Amsterdam.
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