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WebGUI 7.9.32 (stable) released

User: perlDreamer
Date: 7/5/2011 11:54 pm
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This stable release of WebGUI 7.9.32 contains fixes for Calendar iCal feeds and
template variables, Thingy, DataTable and some small API fixes.

 - fixed #12164: Calendar feeds with tons of ;adminId=XXXXXX added
 - fixed #12167: Calendar Next/Prev Month/Year confusion
 - fixed #12172: Underground User Style template shows up in Style wizard during site creation
 - fixed #12157: www_editThingSave
 - fixed: Do not call group methods on an undefined value.
 - fixed #12178: random deletion of columns may happen when a schema is saved (Amir Plivatsky)
 - fixed #12179: DataTable Field types get reset to "Text" in Edit Schema (Amir Plivatsky)
 - fixed: Generic Tax driver does not like spaces around commas
 - fixed: Date formatting with WebGUI::DateTime has extra spaces for single digit months and days.
 - fixed #12165:  Default date in Thingy doesn't work

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