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  • Article
    The article is an all-purpose tool in WebGUI. Using an article you can post simple content to the site. The Rich Editor will allow you to add images and tables to your content.
  • Calendar
    WebGUI's calendar is an interactive calendar displayed on your page. You can use the events calendar to show paydays, staff meetings, project deadlines, or company events. Events on the calendar can be linked to additional information about a specific event.
  • Carousel
    Carousel is often used with WebGUI's Story Manager to display a rotating series of images. However, you might find other creative uses for it.
  • Collaboration System
    WebGUI’s Collaboration System is an extremely versatile asset. The Collaboration System can be configured to function as a forum, photo gallery, FAQ, classifieds section, weblog, and more. Any time you have a list of content to publish, consider using a Collaboration System. Also consider it when you want users to be able to submit content through a simple form without ever having to enter Admin mode.
  • Dashboard
  • Data Form
    Data Form is a simple data entry mechanism that allows you to enter, edit, and export data. It can be used for something simple like an address book, query form, or Contact Us mail form. While a bit time consuming to set up, this is a great way to gain valuable information from your users.
  • Data Table
    The Data Table asset allows you to easily place a table on your site.
  • File Pile
    File Pile allows you to upload up to 100 files of varying file types to your website at one time. File Pile is useful for creating a repository of frequently used files, such as human resource or legal forms, on your site.
  • Folder
    The Folder is a good way to store many different files and file types for easy download. The Folder asset can also be used to organize other asset types into a list.
  • Gallery
    The gallery asset is a media management system that takes the standard photo gallery to the next level. It provides thumbnails, albums, ratings, cross linking, tagging, and more for images.
  • Getting Started
    This chapter's intent is to give you an overall introduction to WebGUI. It shows how to log in, enter admin mode, and add basic content.
  • HTTP Proxy
    The HTTP Proxy allows you to bring another site or application into your site. The proxied page can be stripped of its original style to use yours, so it looks like the proxied page belongs on your site.
  • In/Out Board
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