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Zip Archive

The Zip Archive is useful for importing third party content to your site that can’t be uploszaded any other way. For example, many programs are capable of exporting to HTML, such as some popular presentation software programs. The presentation can be exported to HTML, zipped, and uploaded to a website. WebGUI then unzips the program in the uploads location with the directory structure intact and links to the index page.

Sometimes you have a Java applet or a Flash object that requires all the files to be in the same physical folder on the server. The way to deal with that in WebGUI is to create a zip file with all that stuff and upload it as a zip archive.


  1. Select the Zip Archive asset from the New Content menu of the Admin Bar.


  1. The “Zip Archive, Add/Edit” screen will open.

  2. Enter a title for the archive in the “Title” field.

  3. The “Menu Title” is the title of the asset as it appears in the site navigation. You can leave this blank, and WebGUI will use the Title here.

  4. The “URL” field can be left blank, and WebGUI will create one for you.

  5. In the “Initial Page” field, enter the name of the file that serves as the “base” file for this page. This is the initial page that will be displayed to the user. Your index page needs to be the root of the file.

  6. Click on the Browse button next to the “New file to upload” field to begin uploading files.

  7. In the Display tab you may choose to customize the default Zip Archive template by clicking edit next to that field. You may also designate whether to display this asset’s title on the page or to open the page in a new browser window.


  1. Set your security settings in the Security tab. These are the standard Security fields.

  1. Owner: this person has full editing and viewing rights of the asset. The owner is usually the person who created the asset.

  2. Who can view?: select what users can view the asset on the site.

  3. Who can edit?: select who can edit the content of this asset.

  1. The Metadata tab is the standard Metadata screen common amongst all assets. If you need to handle metadata for the purposes of content profiling you can do so here.

  1. Click save to load your zip archive onto the site. You will see the title of your zip archive displayed as a link. Click on the title of your zip archive to access the file you uploaded.


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