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WebGUI Site Starter

If you are installing WebGUI yourself, or working with a brand new site, you will be given the option to use WebGUI's Site Starter. If a site administrator has already installed WebGUI for you, then you can skip this chapter. The Site Starter provides an easy way to establish a basic style on your site, incorporating your company name and logo, without needing to be an expert in design. Using the Site Starter you can also determine what types of content you would like automatically placed on pages within your site.

To choose to use the Site Starter, simply click on the “Yes, please!” link when offered to do so.



The first screen presented in the Site Starter allows you to upload your logo.

To do so, simply click on “Browse” and select the logo image file from your computer. Clicking the “remove” button will remove a file from the Logo field. Click save to upload your logo.



Upon saving your logo, the Style Designer will appear. The Style Designer allows you to customize a color scheme for your site style. You will also see your uploaded logo displayed in the site header of the page preview.



The Themes field will load a preconfigured color theme, which will appear in the site preview box on the right.



Below the Themes field each major area on the page has a color associated with it. These fields are populated according to the color theme selected.

To further customize your color theme, click on a colored box next to the field you'd like to alter. This will open a color picker from which you may select a new color for that field.



After selecting the new color in the color picker, click “Set” and the color field will be updated. The change will be reflected in the page preview. In the example below, the Header Background was changed to a shade of purple, and the Links field was changed to a bright green.



When the colors appear as you wish, click Save. Your color theme and customizations will be saved. These will appear again later when you arrive at the home page of your new site.

The next screen in the WebGUI Site Starter is the Initial Pages screen. Pages selected from this screen will appear in addition to some standard WebGUI pages included with the install.

On this screen you can select from a menu of content. Content you select will automatically populate the pages within your site. In this example, the user selected Contact Us, Wiki, and About Us, then entered the About Us text in the designated text field.



Near the bottom of the screen the user has some additional options.



The user may choose to have a News section, and to include forums on the site. The two forums listed above are default titles. You may change these titles, and add additional forums (one per line).

When all selections have been made, click Save.



The new site reflects the choices made in the Site Starter.



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