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Users and Groups

Group management in WebGUI allows you to control access to very specific sections of your website. Users are assigned to a group, and then that group is assigned viewing or editing rights to a page or asset. This is often used on subscription sites where paying subscribers are able to access content on a site that is otherwise not visible to the average visitor. You are probably familiar with this concept from the “Security” tab of add/edit asset screens. The “Who can View” field determines the group of users who may view a given asset.

The group management feature is accessed through the Admin Console. Clicking on “Groups” will open the group management screen.


Listed on this screen are all the groups currently existing, a brief description of that group, and the number of users currently assigned to each group. Clicking on a group name will open the “Edit Group” screen. This screen is usually managed by a site administrator and is discussed in detail in the WebGUI Administrator’s handbook. However, as a content manager you may need to create new groups or manage users assigned to groups.

Note: The Admin group is automatically added to all new groups created on the site. To remove it, click the “Manage the groups in this group” link and delete the Admin group.


Create a Group and Add a User

To create a new group, locate the “Add new group” link on the far right hand side of the screen.



A blank “Edit Group” screen will open in which you may enter a group name and a brief description of the group’s purpose.

Click “save” at the top of the screen, and the group will be added to the list on the “Groups” screen.


Now that the group is created, users will need to be added to it. You can only add users that currently exist in the system to a group. To assign users to a group, begin by clicking on the group’s name in the “Groups” screen. This will open the “Edit Group” screen for the selected group.

On the far right hand side of the screen, click on the “Manage the users in this group” link. This will open the “Users in Group: Add Users” screen.


From this screen you have a couple options. If users already exist in this group, you will see them listed at the top of the screen. You can search for a user to add if you know its username. You will also see an “Add Users” field with a vertical menu of usernames to the right. You can select users from this list and then click save to add them to the user list. If Admin is selected, and save is clicked, Admin is made a user in this group.


To remove a user from the group you would simply click the red X next to the username, or use the checkboxes to select multiple users to delete at one time. Users’ profiles may also be accessed by clicking on the edit button next to their usernames.

If there are over 250 users on a site, this screen will simply contain a search field.


Add a User to the Site

Logically, a user can only be added to a group if the user first exists in the system. So, to add a user to a site:

  1. Click on “Users” in the Admin Console.

  2. The “Users” screen will open, on which will be listed current users in the system. If there are a large number of users on the site this screen might only display a search field.


  1. On the far right hand side of the screen, click on the “Add a new user” link.

  2. The “Edit User” screen will open. Enter a username for the new user, and if necessary, a password.


  1. In the “Profile” tab, enter the user’s personal information, such as name, description of the user, and contact information.



  1. In the “Groups” tab assign the user to a group. Click on the group you’d like to add the user to in the “Groups to Add” field, click save, and the group will move to the “Groups to Delete” field. If you wanted to remove the user from a group, you would simply highlight the group in the “Groups to Delete” field and click save; the group would then return to the “Groups to Add” field and the user would be removed from that group. In this example, the new user was added to the “New Group for Demo” group.


  1. Click save, and the user is created. Returning back to the user list will reveal the new user added to the system.


Returning to the group manager will also show that the New User was added to the “New Group for Demo” group. To remove the user from this group, simply click on the red X to the left of its username.



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