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Stock Data

The Stock Data asset allows you to place up-to-date stock prices on your site so users can stay informed of stock activity. The results are delayed by about 20 minutes, so this shouldn’t be used for trading purposes.

  1. Select the Stock Data asset from the New Content menu of the Admin Bar.

  2. The “Add Stock Data” screen will open.


  1. Enter a title for your stock data in the “Title” field.

  2. The “Menu Title” is the title as it appears in the navigation. You can leave this blank and WebGUI will generate on for you (by default WebGUI will use the “Title”).

  3. The “URL” field may also be left blank and WebGUI will generate one for you.

  4. The “Description” field is an area in which to enter descriptive or explanatory text about the asset. This will appear between the asset’s title and the stock data itself.

  5. The “Default Stocks” field is where you enter the stock symbols of all the stocks you want displayed.


  1. Select the “Primary Source.” This is the feed used to get stock information. Try to pick the source that has many of the stocks your users want to see to improve the application’s performance.

  2. If the “Use Multiple Sources” field is toggled to Yes all Internet sources will be polled for stock data. This will greatly reduce the application’s performance, but might be a good option of the stocks you need to display come from multiple sources.

  3. Select your display settings from the “Display” tab.


  1. Hide from navigation?: if set to Yes, the menu title of the asset will be hidden in the navigation.

  2. Open in new window?: if set to Yes, the asset will open in a new browser window when opened from the navigation.

  3. Display the title?: if toggled to No, the asset’s title will not appear on the page.

  4. Style Template: select a style in which to view this asset if it is viewed directly. If the asset is part of a layout asset, the layout asset’s style will be used.

  5. Printable Style: if the page is made printable a pared-down printer friendly version of the page will be made available for printing purposes.

  6. Stock List Template: select the layout in which to view the stock list. This layout will only be applied to the stock list on the page.

  7. Stock Display Template: select a template in which to view individual stocks.

  1. Select security settings from the “Security” tab. These are the standard Security fields common amongst most assets.


  1. The Metadata tab is the standard Metadata screen common amongst all assets. If you need to handle metadata for the purposes of content profiling you can do so here.

  1. When all settings are complete, click save to display your stock data on the page.


If a user clicks on a stock symbol it will display more detailed information about that stock.

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