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Redirect is a way to place a link in the navigation that redirects users to a separate URL, either internal or external. An example of when this might be used would be to direct a registered user to an external email server. It's also a good way to direct users to a page whose URL has changed.

  1. Select the “Redirect” asset from the New Content menu of the Admin Bar.

  2. A screen will open titled “Add Redirect.”


  1. In the “Title” field, give your redirect link a title.

  2. Next is “Menu Title.” This is the title that will appear in the navigation. If you are creating Redirect that will be placed in the site navigation, you will want to make sure this field is accurate.

  3. “URL” field can be left blank, or you can fill one in. One use of the Redirect asset is to direct users to a new location within your site, while maintaining an old URL. For example, if you have restructured your site, some pages may have new URL's. However, you may want to maintain an old URL for sake of already existing hyperlinks. Using a Redirect, you can enter the old asset URL in the Redirect asset's URL field. In the “Redirect URL” field, enter the URL of the new URL for this content on the site.

  4. The “Redirect Type”field allows you to indicate if the redirect is for a page that temporarily moved to the new location, or permanently moved. This determines the type of HTTP header that will be generated.


  1. In the “Redirect URL” field, place the URL you want to redirect users to when they click on the link from the navigation. For example:

  2. Click on the “Display” tab.


  1. In the “Display” tab you have two options: hide from navigation, and open in new window.

  1. Set “Hide from navigation?” to No, because you want the redirect to work from the navigation.

  2. If “Open in new window?” is set to Yes, the redirect link will open in a new browser window when it's clicked on in the navigation.

  1. Click “save” at the top of the screen, and your redirect has been created.

  2. This is how the Redirect appears on the page when in admin mode:



This is how it appears in the site map (varies depending on your navigation style):


If you click on the redirect link while in admin mode, you will be brought to this page:


  • “Go to the redirect URL” will take you to the page to which you have created the redirect link.

  • “Edit the redirect properties” will allow you to change the settings you created earlier.

  • “Go the the redirect's parent” will return you to the asset's parent page in your website.

Visitors to your site will see the redirect link in the navigation and in the site map. If they click on the link they will be taken directly to the URL you indicated.


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