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File Pile

File Pile allows you to upload up to 100 files of varying file types to your website at one time. File Pile is useful for creating a repository of frequently used files, such as human resource or legal forms, on your site.

  1. Click on File Pile in the New Content menu of the Admin Bar

  2. A screen titled “Add a Pile of Files” will appear.



  1. On the screen you will see a box labeled “Upload Files.” Click on “Browse” next to this box to locate the image or file you would like to upload.

  2. Locate the file/image on your computer. (Note: if you are uploading many files for users to download, you might want to create a Folder asset to store them. File Pile is placed inside the Folder.)

  3. Highlight the file name.

  4. Click “Open.”

  5. You will see the file name appear in the “Upload File” box. You will also see a new box appear from which to upload another file.


  1. Click on “Browse” again, and continue until you have uploaded as many files/images as you would like to post on your website.

  2. In the Security tab you can set viewing and editing privileges for the asset.

  3. When you have uploaded all the files you need, click on “save” at the top of the screen.

  4. All of the files you uploaded will now appear on your web page.



Each of the files uploaded has its own toolbar from which to edit the file if necessary. You can alter the title, URL, file itself, and security privileges for each individual file. You may access/download files individually by clicking on the linked file name.

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