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Data Table

The Data Table asset allows you to easily place a table on your site.

  1. To create a Data Table, select the asset from the New Content menu. The Add Data Table screen will open.



  1. Give the asset a title in the “Title” field.

  2. You can leave the menu title blank, or fill it in. If left blank, WebGUI will use the title as the menu title.

  3. The URL field can be left blank and WebGUI will create on for you.

  4. The Description field can be used to explain the purpose of this table, or provide some type of explanation of its contents.

  5. Set display settings in the Display tab. These are all the standard display settings.

  6. Set permissions in the Security tab. These are the standard security settings.

  7. If desired, manage metadata in the Metadata tab. These are the standard metadata fields.

  8. The Data Table tab is where you set up rows and columns.


    1. To begin creating columns, click on the Edit Schema button in the lower right corner. This will open an Edit Schema screen.


    1. Edit the name of the column in the text box. To the right of the text box, select the type of data this column will store.

    2. To add another column, click the Add Column button, and repeat step B.

    3. When you have created all the necessary columns, click the save button in the lower right corner.



  1. The data table with the columns you created will be created. You can drag and drop columns to the left and right to reorder them. To enter/manage data, follow these steps:

    1. Double click on a cell to edit/enter its content. Hit tab to save the current cell and move to the cell in the next column.

    2. To add a new row to the bottom of the table, click on the Add Row button located below the table.

    3. Click on a row to select it. To select multiple rows, hold shift or ctrl while selecting the rows.



  1. When you have entered all the data, save the asset. The data table, with the data you entered in the Data Table tab, will be displayed on the site.


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