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Carousel is often used with WebGUI's Story Manager to display a rotating series of images. However, you might find other creative uses for it.

  1. Select Carousel from the New Content menu. The “Add/Edit Carousel” screen will open.

  2. Give the Carousel asset a title in the Title field.

  1. The Menu Title is the title of the Carousel as it appears in the site navigation or site map. If you want, enter a Menu Title. Or, leave it blank and WebGUI will use the title from the Title field as the Menu Title.

  2. The URL field is the URL for this Carousel asset. You may enter a URL, or you can leave it blank and WebGUI will create one for you. If you create a URL, separate words with a dash or underscore.

  3. The Description field can be used to enter text that you want associated with the images placed in the Carousel. This could be an explanation of what is being displayed, or links to related information.

  4. The Items field is where you add items to be displayed in the Carousel.

    1. Clicking the “Add item” button creates a new item to add to the Carousel.

    2. The ID field contains a unique ID for each item added to the Carousel. WebGUI will create an ID for you, or you can enter one. Next to the ID field is a “Delete this item” field that allows you to delete an existing item in the Carousel.

    3. The “Text Editing Tools” rich editor is used to create the Carousel item's content to display in the Carousel. Use the icons in the first row to format text entered in the Carousel item. The text entered will be used as captions for any image inserted here.

    4. To insert an image into the Carousel item, use the Insert Image icon. This icon is highlighted in blue in the image to the right.

      1. Click on the Insert Image icon. A URL field will open.

      2. Enter the URL of the image.

      3. Click OK. The image will be inserted into the rich editor. You can click on the image and drag it to a new dimension. This will change the display size of the image, but not the file size. You may want appropriately size image files before linking to them.

    5. To add additional items, repeat the steps in number 

Note: Before adding items, you should first locate the items/images you want to display in the Carousel, and copy their URLs.

  1. The Display tab contains the standard Display tab fields, allowing you manage the appearance of this asset on the site.

  2. The Security tab contains the standard Security fields, allowing to manage permissions for this asset.

  3. The Metadata tab is the standard Metadata tab common amongst most WebGUI asset.

  4. Click save to create the Carousel.


Site visitors can click on the left and right arrows above the Carousel item to scroll to the next item. Or, they can click on the shaded buttons to the left of the arrows.

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