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Using the Clipboard

The Clipboard is a special system location to which content may be temporarily cut or copied. Items in the Clipboard may then be pasted to a new location, or restored to their original location.

Cutting to the clipboard is done via the Cut icon on the Asset's icon toolbar. It hides the Asset on the page. Copying works similarly, but puts a copy of the Asset on the page before hiding it.

Pasting is done either through the Admin Bar, or from the Asset Manager.  From the Admin Bar, select the Clipboard Tab and click on the item that you want to paste.   In the Asset Manager, a list of items in the Clipboard will be provided for you to work with.

Every user has their own, individual clipboard.  Anyone in the Admin group can access the System Clipboard which allows them to manage items from anyone's clipboard.


  1. If you cut an Asset from a page and then delete the page, the Asset in the clipboard gets deleted as well.
  2. If you turn around and restore that page from the Trash, the Asset will be pulled from the Clipboard and put back on the page.
  3. If you copy an Asset to the clipboard from a page and then restore it, you get a new copy of that Asset on the page.


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