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Users, Manage

Users are the accounts in the system that are given rights to do certain things. There are two default users built into the system: Admin and Visitor.

Admin is exactly what you'd expect. It is a user with unlimited rights in the WebGUI environment. If it can be done, this user has the rights to do it.

Visitor is exactly the opposite of Admin. Visitor has no rights what-so-ever. By default any user who is not logged in is seen as the user Visitor.

Add a new user.
To add a new user to a site:

  1. Login and visit the Admin Console
  2. Click on the Users icon. You'll be shown a list of existing users on the system.
  3. In the right sidebar, you'll see a link that reads 'Add a new user'. Click this link and you'll be show a form to add a new user
  4. Add the user's information and click 'save'.

At a bare minimum, you need a username, password and email address for the new user. You can assign groups using the 'Groups' tab.

You can search users based on username and email address. You can do partial searches too if you like.

In order to Manage users you need to be in the Admin group, or to be in either the Administrative groups Users, or Users (add only).  The Administrative groups are configured in the Setting screen of the Admin Console, under the Permissions tab.


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