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Unsupported Installs

WebGUI runs on many platforms that Plain Black does not officially support. Many users in the community are more than willing to help you out if you get stuck with these types of installations.

We realize that not everyone can use Apache and MySQL, so we provide these instructions to help you get started with your preferred platform.

NOTE: There is no further information about these types of installations in the commercial version of Ruling WebGUI or in any support package available from Plain Black. Please do not purchase those things thinking you'll get additional help.

WebGUI does not support Windows. Plain Black recommends using the VMWare Appliance for Windows installs (

    Linux Installations
       Fedora Core 1
       Fedora Core 2
       Suse 9.1
       SuSE 9.0
       Red Hat 7.3 Install
       Gentoo Linux
    Mac Installations
       Mac OSX Fink


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