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Thingy Cookbook

Thingy Reports

The following tips are useful for running SQL Reports on Thingy objects.

List Thingy Fields

In order to use the following tips, the List Thingy Fields report, available in the Bazaar, will be useful in figuring out the generated table and field names.

Field Conversion

Time Field

Data is stored in seconds from midnight. To convert the value into a 12-hour format, use the following SQL:

 SELECT TIME_FORMAT(SEC_TO_TIME(`field_SgCDUEQ4Gn6t04REx1PVhA`),'%l:%i%p') AS `StartTime` FROM `Thingy_tkSJKYlTnvYdXqIdBZeYfg`;

Date Field

 SELECT DATE_FORMAT(FROM_UNIXTIME(`field_3d42Y4cje9HpIbyHkKr_pA`),'%M %D') AS `ProjectDate` FROM `Thingy_tkSJKYlTnvYdXqIdBZeYfg`


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