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Testing and Troubleshooting

Now it's time to test all of your labor to see if it all worked. The following tips are not meant to cover all possible installation and configuration problems that may occur, but rather to give you a shove in the right direction. If all else fails contact Plain Black under a support program for help.

Browser Test

The first test is very easy. Simply open your favorite web browser and type in the URL for your web site: If the site comes up, then you're done. If it doesn't, then you've got some more testing to do. It's possible that your home page is messed up, but WebGUI is working fine. To test this visit:

WebGUI Environment Test

WebGUI comes with its own diagnostic tool. To run it go to the command line and type:

cd /data/WebGUI/sbin

If it reports errors, act on them. If not then you've most likely got an Apache configuration problem.

Config File Test

The WebGUI Environment Test tests the config file, but it never hurts to take a look at the configuration yourself. Make sure that you've made no syntax errors in the config file.

Manual Database Test

The WebGUI Environment Test tests the database configuration, but if you want to test it manually you can type the following commands. If everything works properly you should get output instead of errors.

mysql -uwebgui -ppassword www_example_com
select * from settings;

WebGUI Codebase Test

If you've modified your WebGUI install it's possible that you've introduced some problems in the code or database. You can test these with the WebGUI codebase test suite.

NOTE: This suite of tests can actually destroy your site, so make sure you have a backup of everything before running it, and only run this test if you're desperate.

cd /data/WebGUI/sbin

NOTE: The test suite requires some CPAN modules that are not included in the WRE distribution. You can install these via:

cpan Test::WWW::Mechanize


"Out of Memory: Killed process nnnn (mysqld)"

This error can result from a crashed table in your database (e.g., the userSession table). You'll need to take steps to repair the database to resolve the error.

WRE Monitor - "A workflow activity has a priority that is too high."


Firefox does not process your CSS links

You are including a CSS file into your page via a link tag but Firefox (or name your browser) does not respond to the CSS directives. This is often due to not setting the MIME Type when using snippets for CSS and/or Javascript.

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