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Scheduled Publishing

To schedule publishing in WebGUI, create a version tag and make your new edits under this tag. Then, you'll want to create a workflow to commit this tag at a set time.

Create the workflow:

  1. Go to admin->workflows
  2. Click on 'Add workflow' in the right hand nav.
  3. Choose the Object Type, 'WebGUI::VersionTag' and click 'save'.
  4. Name your workflow an, optionally, add a description.
  5. Choose 'Yes' for 'Is Enabled?'
  6. Click on 'Create a Scheduled Event' in the lower left of the interface.
  7. Once you click on this link, you're presented with the options for scheduling.  This is similar to cron.
  8. Fill in your schedule details, enable this scheduled event by choosing 'Yes' for 'Is Enabled?' and choose 'Commit without Approval' for the Workflow option.
  9. Save.
  10. Then click on 'Commit Version Tag and click 'save'.
Assign the workflow to the correct version tag for publishing:
  1. Go to admin->version tags. Edit the version tag you want to publish and choose your newly created workflow from the workflow dropdown.
  2. Click 'save'.

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