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Multi-Version Multi-Site

very handy for backporting code fixes, these steps will allow you to switch with relative ease between multiple versions of WebGUI.

step 1 stop everything --stop all

step 2 get your new code

svn co WebGUI_7.5

step 3 link to the new code

rm -f WebGUI ; ln -s WebGUI_7.5 WebGUI

step 4 add a new hostname

edit /etc/hosts add local7_5 to the line starting with

step 5 get a copy of config files

cp /data/WebGUI.beta/etc/*.conf /data/WebGUI/etc/

step 6 start mysql --start mysql

step 7 add a new site --AdminPassword=123qwe --sitename=local7_5

step 8 start everything else --start modperl modproxy spectre

step 9 configure the new site

browse to http://localhost/ and follow the steps to configure the new site

switching sites

with this setup you can only run one site at a time because they all use the same network ports.  but switching is very easy using which is attached.  simply pass as an arguement the directory for the new WebGUI code you want to run and it switches everything and restarts everything.


Keywords: backporting multi-site multi-version switching

5daviddelikat: "still works!"
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