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Migration To WRE 0.8

This version of the WRE is a complete rewrite of the WRE from the ground up.  All templates, file locations, APIs, etc have been changed in this release. Therefore there is no direct upgrade path from previous WRE versions to WRE 0.8.0.
This document has been created to help you migrate from older versions of the WRE to 0.8. This document is a work in progress, so if you find tips or tricks for other users along the way, please share them here.

Backup Everything

Before you begin the migration process backup WebGUI, the WRE, your domains folder, and anything else just in case something goes wrong.

Shutdown and Move

Your sites will be offline while you perform this process, so plan in advance for downtime and prepare your users. Now shutdown your old WRE  and move it:

rc.webgui stop
cd /data
mv wre wre.old
mv WebGUI WebGUI.tmp

Install WRE 0.8

Download WRE 0.8 and install it following the instructions in the install.txt file that comes with it.
When it asks if you want to do Automated or Manual install, stop. Move your WebGUI directory back into place:
mv WebGUI.tmp WebGUI
Then go back to the console and click the Manual install button. 

Copy Old Site Configs

Copy your old site configs from /data/wre.old/etc/ into /data/wre/etc. You're looking for files that look like:

Don't copy other files, only these. 

Rename Domains Folders 

If you used any version of the WRE prior to 0.7.2 you'll need to rename your domains folders. Older versions created folders like this:


We need the domains folders to look like:


Don't forget to also modify your WebGUI config files your modperl, modproxy, and awstats files in your /data/wre/etc folder. 

Migrate Settings

In /data/wre.old/etc you'll find a bunch of old config files like wremonitor.conf, backup.conf, and logrotate.conf. Open the new WRE Console and go to the settings tab. Now copy any settings from the old config files into the WRE Console settings page. Hit save when you're finished. In addition, if you've made any customizations to the /data/wre.old/prereqs/apache/conf/httpd.modproxy.conf, /data/wre.old/prereqs/apache/conf/httpd.modperl.conf, /data/wre.old/prereqs/apache/conf/, or /data/wre.old/prereqs/mysql/my.cnf files then make sure to apply those customizations to /data/wre/etc/modproxy.conf, /data/wre/etc/modperl.conf, /data/wre/etc/, and /data/wre/etc/my.cnf files respectively.

Migrate Databases

Now move your old 0.7.2 databases into place in the new WRE.

cd /data/wre/var/mysqldata
mv mysql /tmp/
cp -Rfp /data/wre.old/prereqs/mysql/var/mysql ./
cp -Rfp /data/wre.old/prereqs/mysql/var/www_example_com ./

And make sure that whatever user you used during the WRE 0.8 install process owns all these folders and files.

chown -R webgui.webgui *

Update Cron

Remove all the old cron jobs you had running, and update them with the ones in the install.txt file that comes with the WRE.

Start Your Engines

Now that you've migrated everything, it's time to see if it all works. Start up each service one at a time. --start mysql --start modperl --start modproxy --start spectre

If any of them fails, consult the log files. All logs in WRE 0.8 have been moved into /data/wre/var/logs.

The Next Day

Verify that your backups are still working if you were using the that came with the previous wre, you may need to enable backups again. Also, I had to recreate the file /data/wre/etc/backup.exclude.


If you get this error in the modperl log when modperl tries to start
[notice] child pid xxxx exit signal Segmentation fault (11)
change the first line in /data/wre/etc/sitename.modperl file
from <VirtualHost *:81> to <VirtualHost *:8081>
and restart modperl with --restart modperl

That's all folks!


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