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Macro Migration

2.1 Navigation Macros

As of WebGUI 6.0 there is no longer a need to develop custom navigation macros. WebGUI
has an entirely new navigation system that is 100% configurable and templated. The
legacy navigation system has been removed. Any nav macros that you've written
will need to be removed from the system. Then just create a navigation
configuration to do what your old nav once did.

If you absolutely must write a navigation macro for some reason that our nav
system does not accomodate you, then please check out the new API in

2.2 Navigation Macros Revisited

As of 6.3 check out lib/WebGUI/Asset/Wobject/ if you want to
write custom navigation macros.

2.3 Macro API Changed

In 6.8 we modified the macro API to be more user friendly, and more
importantly to use a lot less memory. This has two results. If you use the
macro methods like filter(), negate(), or process() then you need to start
passing your content in as a scalar reference instead of a regular scalar. If
you write your own macros, you no longer need to call getParams() to retrieve
your parameters. That is automatically done for you now.


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