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In addition to subscriptions, WebGUI features products. Products allow you to sell your products with considerable ease. Just define a base product and add parameters to it if you need to. WebGUI generates all possible product configurations for you and automatically sets the price, weight and sku values.

For example you want to sell T-shirts in the sizes S, M, L and XL and the colors blue and grey. Also an XL costs $ 1.50 extra.

To do this just add a product called T-shirt and add parameters color and size to it. Add to the color parameter the options 'blue' and 'grey', and add 'S', 'M', 'L' and 'XL' to the size parameter. Set the price modifier of the 'XL' option to 1.50.

Now you have created eight variants of your T-shirt product and only in about a minute.

If you are out of blue large T-shirts, just disable this variant. You are in full control.


You can add new products with the 'Add a new product' link in the righthand menu. To manage an existing product click on the edit button left of it. Use the delete button to remove it.


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