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List Product Variants


Product variants are what customers can actually buy. This screen shows all possible configurations of parameters and options and therefore define the product variants you can actually sell.

The variant list

The list shows all product variants. The columns on the left indicate the configuration of the product variant, those on the right show its price, weight, SKU and availability. Values marked with a asterisk ('*') are overridden via the edit mode of the variant (see below).


Aside from inspecting the variants you can do two things in this screen.

First you can set the availability of certain variants. This is done by using the checkboxes in the column available. If a box is checked it means that the product it's next to is available for purchase. Of course it's not available if the box is unchecked. If you make any changes to the checkboxes you'll need to click the 'Save' button that's at the bottom and the top of the screen.

Also you can edit variants to override their automatically generated values for price, weight and SKU. To do this simply click on the edit button next to the variant you want to edit.


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