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Groups, Default

There are several groups built into WebGUI:

Admins are users who have unlimited privileges within WebGUI. A user should only be added to the admin group if they oversee the system. Usually only one to three people will be added to this group. Once a person has been added to this group, their UI level is automatically updated to 9.

Turn Admin On
Users in this group are allowed to enter Admin mode. By default, the Content Managers, Template Managers, Package Managers and Secondary Admins groups are members of the Turn Admin On group and also may enter Admin mode.

Content Managers
Content managers are users who have privileges to add, edit, and delete content from various areas on the site. The content managers group should not be used to control individual content areas within the site, but to determine whether a user can edit content at all. You should set up additional groups to separate content areas on the site.

Everyone is a magic group in that no one is ever physically inserted into it, but yet all members of the site are part of it. If you want to open up your site to both visitors and registered users, use this group to do it.

Export Managers
Members of this group are allowed to export pages to disk.

Package Managers
Users that have privileges to add, edit, and delete packages of wobjects and pages to deploy.

Registered Users
When users are added to the system they are put into the registered users group. A user should only be removed from this group if their account is deleted or if you wish to punish a troublemaker.

Secondary Admins
Users in the Secondary Admins group may add new users to all groups that they are a member off themselves, but cannot edit users.

Secondary Admins of a specific group
They can add and edit users of the group they are secundary admin off. To make a user secundary admin of a specific group, make them a member first, click 'edit users in this group' and then click edit on their name. There you see a toggle to make them secondary admin of that group.

Style Managers
Users that have privileges to edit styles for this site. These privileges do not allow the user to assign styles to a page, just define them to be used.

Visitors are users who are not logged in using an account on the system. Also, if you wish to punish a registered user you could remove him/her from the Registered Users group and insert him/her into the Visitors group.

Template Managers
Template Managers are an old deprecated group that used to be in charge of editing and creating templates. Templates are now owned by the Turn On Admin group by default.


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